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Our Therapy  Services

We value meeting you where you're at - and that means tailoring our approach and techniques to match your needs and strengths. We don't try to fit you into a box.  

Individual Psychotherapy

You want something different for yourself, and we support you in taking a hard look at the hard things. In time,  you'll grow into the most confident version of yourself.

I tailor my approach to meet you exactly where you're at. 

50 minutes


Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness curriculum is designed to help people develop the skills and insight necessary to be proactive about their own mental wellbeing. We also explore strategies that will help them find their footing if they're navigating something difficult. 

Art Therapy

We combine creativity with conversation. This approach helps you gain new perspectives and promotes relaxation and problem solving.

No art experience is necessary to benefit from art therapy. 

50 minutes


Group Sessions

Grow alongside other like-minded folk.

We offer group sessions periodically throughout the year. Please email us for more information.

Why  we do the work


Zoë, Registered Psychotherapist

I believe we all have the power to recreate our lives. Helping people learn how to trust in that power... that is magic for me. 

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