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Therapy for people who

want more from life

Virtual Therapy
For busy people and home-bodies, our virtual services allow you to do the hard work in the comfort of your own home.  Our therapists support you every step of the way. 
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It's inside myself that I must create someone who will understand

- Clarice Lispector 

Meet Our Team

We're passionate about helping you on your journey. 


Zoë Bowman

Learn to love yourself


Samantha Paterson

Find your direction

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Tell your story.

We're here to help you unravel the meaning

You're   worth it. 

Change your life

Growing pains are inevitable, but with the right therapist you can change your life. 

In the comfort of your own home

We're here to offer you support by video or phone. So go ahead - cozy up in your favourite nook or stay in your bed - we won't judge. 

With a therapist who cares

Our therapists will meet you where you're at, both on the good days and the bad days.


Getting Started is Easy

Simply book an appointment with
one of our 
mental health professionals. 

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