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Zoë Bowman

Registered Psychotherapist & Art Therapist

My magic:

I help people have better relationships with themselves


500 Terry Francine Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

Date of Birth:

March 14th, 1984

Hey there,

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How I work...

How we say hello
Step 1: Hello

How we get to know each other
Step 2: Getting to know each other

Step 3: The work

I always offer free 15 minute consultations. I prefer to do them through a video call so that we can see each other and you can get a sense of how I respond to what you're sharing. 

In the first couple of sessions, I typically ask more questions that usual. I'm curious and want to get to know you. I'll ask about things like: who you were as a wee kiddo, the important relationships in your life (the good and the bad), how you spend your time, and what your dreams are. I see this time as building our foundation for the work that we're going to do together. 

Once we have a good sense of each other our sessions start to look more like conversations - meaningful ones. I aim to meet you where you're at each session, without any specific agendas.

Many of my clients like to bring some creativity into our work, and so I'll invite you to make images  journaling when it's relevant. 

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