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The Full Story


Why is it, when we're struggling, we lose touch with the things that we know will help us? This is a question that shows up often in our work, and this is usually where we first meet people. Art of Self Care started with the intention of helping people reconnect with the resources they already have, and to build their resiliency to navigate current and future hardships. 

Sometimes the most difficult thing is to take action. ASC is for people who want more, who know they deserve better, but are unsure how to take those first steps. We are a team of passionate psychotherapists - each actively pursuing our own concoction of what self care looks like. 

ASC began from a place of fear. It feels vulnerable to say it but it's true. The desire was there, the passion. But it was hand-in-hand with so much fear. 

ASC was built on conversations and connection. 


You matter. ASC therapists take the time to get to know you, all the good and the bad, and we treasure you because of it. 

We will help you get what you want out of this life. 


We believe therapy is a collaboration. 

We work together to manifest change and growth, to tend to old wounds, to make meaning and find your purpose.

Let's do this together.

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